Rough Diamonds

I got a bad memory
but I remember those things that mean most to me
and in the end it must show
no matter what's gone before I come back for more.
I get hungry for a new situation
everytime I get into routine
sometimes it's by my own creation
or I might get pushed when I lean.

All the rough diamonds got to learn how to shine
all the young emotions they get turned into line
if you're fighting you know it's just a question of time
'cause all the rough diamonds got to learn how to shine.

I used to look to the moon
reflecting the light from the star that we share
but that could not go on
because second-hand living don't get you nowhere.
You've got to fight your way through and keep thinking
or you'll take the consequence
sometimes it's strange the way you're changing
seems like it don't make no sense.

I might be spending my time
burning my bridges and wasting my days
but I've just got to keep on trying
because I believe there's no other way.
And those trees like dancers on the skyline
ask for nothing in return
I'm reaching to that style in my life
I guess I'll know it when it comes.