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* First of all I'd like to thank Maggie, for being an inspiration with her wonderful voice and beautiful songs, and for giving me permission to do this site.
* A big thank you to Louise F. Andersen for making Maggie Reilly Mouse dance across this site! And for translating the Danish review and cutting out the relevant part of the Billy Butler interview!
* Thanks to Merciful Squirrel from the Angel Tears fan site, where I found lots of information.
* Thanks to Erik Visser from Flairck for his comment on the Flairck page in the Collaborations section.
* Thanks to Mr. Christopher Downie for permission to use the Cado Belle photograph on the Cado Belle page in the Collaborations section.
* Thanks to Mark Watkins from Blast1386 for his information and cooperation.
* Thanks to Tom Stevens, writer of the book "Lilith", for his information and cooperation.
* Thanks to Nigel Perks for finding "Life after John / Meanwhile back at my heart" and wanting to share them with us! (on the Collaborations page)
* Thanks to Mr. Robert Hanning for providing photos of Cado Belle concert tickets and sharing his memories of Cado Belle with us.
* Thanks to Chrys Lindop for supplying help and information along the way.

...and who I am...

My name is Jolande, I was born in 1969 and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and 2 sons. Back in 1983 I was enchanted by a song called Moonlight Shadow, and especially by the voice of the singer. The same happened a year later with a song called To France. The singer turned out to be Maggie Reilly. In those days before internet it was rather difficult to find any information, specially here in Holland. So it was just by chance that I heard about Echoes in 1992. Since then I've been trying to collect all music featuring Maggie in any way, which became easier by the upcoming of internet in the mid-nineties.
In the beginning of 2009 I started a course in webdesign and needed a subject for a site. And since there was no up-to-date fan site on Maggie, there was my subject! I really enjoy working on this site, and intend to keep on improving it. Hope you like the result!