Krefeld Kulturfabrik 12-03-2008
Festival Labadoux Ingelmunster  02-05-2009
Open Air Festival Korsør 13-05-2010
Tron Theatre Glasgow 11/12-03-2011
Show in Duisburg 11-03-2012

Interviews (audio):
Interview Voiceprint Radio
Interview BBC Hereford and Worcester
Maggie singing and talking in a Norwegian interview
Interview for Blast1386 with Mark Watkins 12-12-2009
Interview on BBC Merseyside Billy Butler Show 25-02-2010 part 1 & part 2   In the interview Billy Butler mentions the song "Life after John"; for those among us who don't know it, you can find it on the Collaborations page.
Interview for BBC Radio Scotland - My life in five songs - with Phil Cunningham 20-03-2012
Interview with Ciaran Dorris for Celtic Music Radio 24-03-2013
Interview for Classic Rock Radio 08-12-2013
Interview with Johnnie Walker for Sounds of the 70's 05-01-2014

YouTube video's:
Maggie has her own official YouTube channel and a VEVO channel! Check them out on:
Maggie Reilly Official Video Channel and Maggie Reilly VEVO
Everytime we touch:  original 1992 video and Live in Piacenza 2009
Moonlight shadow:  original 1983 video and Live in Piacenza 2009
To France:  original 1984 video, Live at Labadoux 2009 and Live in Piacenza 2009
Midnight sun original video
Interview for Finnish television (1990's)
Wait - Swedish show Söndagöppet in 1992
True colors - Live in Hjoerring, Denmark, 21st March 2009
It's a lovely day - Live in Piacenza 2009
A small interview on Italian television
The Human Kind Song Video
Interview at Nakskov show, 14th February 2010
Maggie with Ian Cussick in a Beatles song (starts at about 3.00 mins)
Interview for an Italian radio station
Earliest Recollections - Charles Darwin by the French band XII Alfonso
Stone's throw from nowhere - Live in Twist 2014
Cold the snow clad mountain - Live in Twist 2014
Birds - Live in Twist 2014
All things are quite silent - Live in Twist 2014
Cam'ye o'er frae France and Where the heart lies - Live in Twist 2014
Follow the midnight sun - live 1993
Nice interview for Italian radio, 2009

Reviews and Interviews (text):
A review of "Looking back, moving forward" and earlier albums by Get Ready to Rock Radio
A review of the show in Huset, Nakskov (Denmark) on 14th February 2010. Click here for a translation in English, thanks to Louise F. Andersen.
Westfälische Nachrichten reviews the Germany March 2012 Tour, Münster show: see article.
Der Westen reviews the Germany March 2012 Tour, Duisburg show: see article.
Maggie also did an acoustic show with Stuart and Mark in Dunoon! see article.
Review in Herald Scotland of the show in the Tron Theatre in Glasgow, 27th January 2012.
A review of "Heaven Sent" by Get Ready to Rock Radio
An interview on Put Back Good
An interview for "Rocktimes" before the show in Mönchengladbach, 28-08-2014
An article from Sunday Express 21-06-2015