Rocked To Stony Silence

You just ignore me when I pass you
although we stop and talk awhile
you turn away as I'm listening to you 
I try to force a smile.
You're like a flame that's burning up inside
yes I feel it when you talk
and though I try to understand your mind
there comes a time when I must stop.

And I'm rocked to stony silence, I just can't communicate
in a one-way conversation where there's nowhere we relate
yes I'm rocked to stony silence by the things you think and say
it isn't too surprising if you could see it round my way.

I see it everywhere in action
it's all around like some disease
you might call it self-protection
I know that that's what you believe.
From where you stand it's just confusion
you never step outside the dance,
you can't escape certain conclusions
when you assume them in advance.

And I'm rocked to stony silence 'cause you think that you've got free
from all the old conventions, but they still hang round your sleeve
yes I'm rocked to stony silence, 'cause you say you know what's real
but that doesn't look so obvious when you don't know what you feel.

You can blame it on the system
it isn't hard to criticise
or on the pain that you've been through 
there's always something you can find.
I've been through all of this too often
I thought I'd know how to react
but when it's someone saying they're my friend
I thought I'd seen the last of that.

And I'm rocked to stony silence by the emptiness you bring
to things that mean a lot to me, and it's happening once again
yes I'm rocked to stony silence 'cause our words just sound the same
too much for me to recognise and nothing to be gained.