Paper In The Rain

The headline said, "A legend dead", and I never saw you perform
the statues we plan never stand as tall, our heroes are never so strong
did you choose that way, or did you have no say, sometimes we just can't tell
the stone gets scarred in the wind and rain, the best stories end as well.

Sky's so heavy, it's bound to rain again
turning points occur, though you can't say when
paper in the rain.

If six was nine maybe the night-bird would fly, back in the wild dark sky
looking around you always find you're alone, when you've got to fly so high
the best love is the love of life, I think of those words you sang
then I read the headline one last time, and throw it away in the rain.

The daisy chains lie broken now, the cat's out hunting again
autumn stalks in circles round, and summer's running thin
bring the changes, forget your scars, throw caution to the wind
sometimes you've got to search so hard, just to find yourself a friend.