Meanwhile back at my heart
Mike Batt

Now that you've really spelled it out
I try not to think about the love that I am losing
For your know this thing is not of my chosing
And I still see your face everywhere I go

If I should meet you in the street
I'll try to be discrete
I'll never show my feelings
I'll just smile because I'm scared of revealing
Everything to you
As if you didn't know

Meanwhile, back at my heart
I'm waiting for life to start again
I'm trying to get you out of my system
My head says "smile"
But my heart won't listen
Meanwhile deep in my soul
I'm trying to gain control again
You see me playing a role, but I'm falling apart
Meanwhile back at my heart

Now that it's all come to an end
I'll have you as a friend
Where once you were my lover
But it's gonna take some time to recover
It's hard to break away
From what we used to be

Till then I'll lie and I'll pretend
I'll try not to descend to selfishness and sorrow
I won't think of yesterday but tomorrow
I'll laugh and tell my friends
I'm lucky to be free...

Repeat chorus