Judas Kiss

Pale white horses, on the shoreline
See them rise and fall
From the wreckage of the night storm
She surveys it all

All night long, she could hear
Sailors cry, out in fear

She found him out there in the blue
A captain lost without his crew
She took him back to her cave
She gave him a ring of shining gold
His heart she said she'd always hold
He promised her that he would stay

But all night long, he could hear
Those sailing ships, passing near

Then when she saw that he had gone
She found the boat he sailed upon
And to the sailor she did say
"Those promises you gave to me
Were never true and now I see
You meant to leave me all along"

Night and day, he still hears
The mermaid's call, loud and clear
Night and day, he still hears
That mermaid's song, loud and clear