Infamous Mister

If the cap fits you've got to wear it
you know that I just can't bear it
when you come to me with some other disguise
expecting me to see stars in your eyes.
It seems you're always out there flying
before the rest of the crowd starts trying
changes all the time just to keep yourself alive
tangled in the knots that you're tying.

Dressed to impress, you're a cut above the rest
you always try to keep one step ahead
infamous mister no-one knows how hard you try
'cause you always keep a finger in the pie.

There are times I just can't take it
the way you always seem to fake it
once I thought I knew what was going on with you
now I just don't know how you always come through.
Maybe you think that you're losing
when you're not up at the front and cruising
you've got so much respect from the people that you've met
but they are the ones you've been using.