Heaven Sent

Close the door, let's dim the lights
No need to go out tonight
Let's stay, forever just this way
'Cos all it takes is just we two
Perfect timing, me and you
Oh!Wow! I'll prove to you somehow

Can't you see that you, make me feel brand new
So you know, what you have to do
Oh now you, should give me a chance
'Cos what we've got is true romance

I've been waiting oh so long
For love like this to come along
And pow! The time is here and now
You know that there is no need to stop and wait
No need to prevaricate 'cos you know
I will never ever let you go

Ah now don't you see that I couldn't love you more
And that we, we got the perfect score
So now you, should be so content
'Cos what we've got is truly heaven sent