Fare Thee Well

Time to say goodnight
Tho' I know, in my heart you're leaving
If only I could turn back time
You'd be here with me once more

So fare thee well, our time is over
Tomorrow you won't be here by my side
You're going unafraid
But your memory won't fade
Until I hold you in my arms again

It's time to say goodbye
Tho' you'll stay in my thoughts forever
We'll walk together in my dreams
Where I'll see your sweet face again

So fare thee well, those days are over
It's time for us to go our separate ways
I'll smile thru' all my tears
Looking back on all those years
Until we are together once again

So fare thee well, the dawn is breaking
And I must face a new day on my own
Although we have to part
You'll be safe here in my heart
And from there you'll never have to roam

I'll smile thru' all my tears
At the memory of those years
Until you're safely in my arms again
Fare thee well