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Translation of a review of the Nakskov show on 14th February 2010 from www.folketidende.dk.
Special thanks to Louise F. Andersen for translating !

Maggie showed her true colours

”Huset” (The House) in Nakskov needed all its hangers, when an international star came for a visit on Valentines Day.

It was a grand visit, when the 53-year-old Scottish singer Maggie Reilly, with band, dropped by “Huset” and gave the audience of 200 people an intimate concert.

"Phew, it's hot", Maggie Reilly proclaimed already before the concert had begun, and held on tight to her water bottle while she beheld the audience. Yet it was hard to see the sweat pouring from her forehead. In these X-Factor times Maggie showed us she could easily reach us without shaking her  behind or doing neckbreaking voice phrases.

There was absolutely no fooling around yesterday. No sceneshow wrapped in all kinds of unrelated nonsense, which distracts the attention from what really matters - singing. And my lord, she can sing! Even though at times she missed a little response from her band, which never showed any musical excess.

Maggie was unfortunately a bit on her own, but she gave all she got. It took some time before all hearts in the room, on Valentines Day, had surrendered fully to the concert and the evening´s hostess. Possibly because most people didn't know the songs in the first half of the concert.

During the concert there were even people talking in the back of the room, which could be clearly heard, due to the room where the concert was held being so small. It wasn't until the seventh song that Maggie Reilly got silence in “Huset” with an a-cappella song, a beautiful version of “He moved though the fair” and gave the audience a valentine present straight from the heart.

After that, the concert started to roll for real. When she finished the first round with “Get to France”, the audience now waited in excitement for the other half of the show, which started with “Foreign Affiar”. With that one, she tried to make us forget about the cold, snowy daily life and think of a warm place in the south.

And that actually worked. For a moment you really forgot about the slush snow and half-wet socks.

Later Cyndi Lauper's “True Colours” was served from the speakers with the greatest elegancy, it was at the same time very close to the original which made it spot on.

Of course people got what they came for when “Moonlight Shadow”, the second last song, was played, to great joy as it emitted from the speakers, it almost reached the roof in “Huset”. When darkness arrived in Nakskov, Maggie´s true warm colours truly shone through.




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