This website is dedicated to Maggie Reilly, the Scottish singer often said to have "the voice of an angel".
Apart from singing Mike Oldfield's world famous hits Moonlight Shadow and To France, she always had her own wonderful career in music.

This site wants to inform you about Maggie's activities. We do our best to keep it up to date. Fans' contributions are always very welcome! Please post them on the Contact page or on our Facebook page!


November 2019

Starfields cover November 15th is a very special date as it sees the release of Maggie's new album Starfields!! It is already said to be Maggie's best and very personal album. You can order Starfields via the usual channels, or via Maggie's website shop.
Click here for a medley of some of the songs on Starfields.

Maggie now has her own official video channel on Youtube, as well as a VEVO channel! You can find the links on the Gallery page!


dancing Maggie Mouse